Love Divine Regal

A chance to be uplifted, inspired, and guided towards the divine love of God.


We strive to motivate and inspire, by being the perfect us, individually, as we can be. “Good, Better Best, never let it rest, til your Good is your Better and your Better is your Best!”


Our manners and professionalism, will go with the flow of each conversation(s). One on one messages, meditations, consoling, coaching & companionship (whether over the phone or face to face), will ALWAYS be done in a professional manner.


We speak from experience, skills, certifications, degree, and passion. However, we encourage all to seek care from their regular doctors, before making any (medical) decisions, about your life, with anything shared, on this site.

  • Motivate, with spiritual love, understanding & unity.
  • Uplift, with spiritual love, understanding & unity.
  • Inspire, with spiritual love, understanding & unity.

If you are to be, be the perfect you.

~SiStar Love

Success is achieved when YOU, reach YOUR goals, without the thoughts or forming for others. ~SiStar Love

About Us:
God-fearing Spiritual/Spirit filled womban, whom want to reach out and give a warm, heartfelt, God-filled, hug to those in need, while adding a bit of humor and straight-fowardness, fore a childlike heart is open to hope, yet we are serious with our wants, abilities, and gifts to help others spiritually.
Part of a community that recognizes God is bigger than religion, though present in many of them. “Religion tells you WHAT to think, Spirituality teachers you HOW to think.” -D. E. Paulk. Change, Choice, & Principle is the only constants in life. We would love to work with you, together with you, one day, one step at a time.

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