First blog:

April 10th, 2020

Speakers: Angel Taurus & SiStar Love

Great Rising Queens, Kings, Lovers, Tree Huggers, ALL! We would like to give a HUGE WELCOME to all, to our new site. We are here to help, teach, listen, guide and do all that we can to uplift, motivate & inspire you. We are two (2) non-bias siSTARS, whom have both traveled, journeyed, encountered and learned enough to give advice, have a listening ear & are eager to learn more and share outs findings. We will both give you a brief introduction of ourselves;

SiStar Love:

Universal language in hello & love to all. This is your SiStar Love here, sending an abundance of Love, Peace, Light, Balance, Prosperity, Joy, Bliss & all things that inspire, motivate and make you happy! Being moved to connect with others is a divine dream path, fore I am LOVE & created to spread LOVE, under the numbers 520. Graduated into my 11th house, last year & headed to the 12th, with an open heart.

Spreading love, giving motivation, and inspiring people is a passion, along with being a traveling caregiver, holistic (using herbs, crystals, meditation, chakra alignment,etc) healer, MT, teacher & counselor. If I hadn’t gone through it, I have definitely heard about and/or helped resolve the situation. If I do not know or have never heard of it, I do not mind resourcing or learning. Most importantly, I wake up every rising, giving thanks & being open to what is in MY divine order and I encourage others to do the and. Never forcing anything on anyone, who knows what one may learn when you let things go & flow. One of my many motto’s: Don’t worry, Be Happy, And let the River Flow

Honestly, the sure idea as to where to start, in this blog, was beyond me, yet being guided here IS divine order. I am here to help, in all ways possible, with the energy to send hugs & love through the energy waves. Excitement runs through me as I think about how I had no idea as to how to begin. At the age of 12 yo, I came up with D.Y.N.A.H.; Do You Need A Hug. Never knowing what to do with it, I am glad to say that I have been using it throughout the years & now I get a chance to share it with you all. Fyi: I am the silly one, yet have my soft, essential, with quite moments.

Angel Taurus:

Grace, Peace, and Light to all light workers, those whom are becoming awaken, or want to become awaken, in this present time. As a spiritual teacher/leader/healer, I am here to be a light to the world. To assist those whom are on a spiritual path and/or seeking spiritual guidance, love, consciousnesses & peace. To come with a graceful approach, in love & understandings.

They say the ones whom have gone through it, are the ones with the best teaching, and I have experienced a lot, during my journey & trials. Wisdom is in me, yet I am still growing, therefore leaving others behind will I never do. Come one, come all as we connect collectively & share with each other, with a non-bias, open heart. It is past time to let the healing begin & maintain high vibrations.

Experiencing, learning, & helping teach others, are some of my passions. As we embark on this journey, the hope of reaching out to people, is at an all time high, for me. Every Rising & throughout the day, I show gratitude, and I encourage all to do the same. Staying on a high vibration and energy level, has proven to be what is best, at least for me and mines. I don’t mind sharing/showing these abilities, fore we all have them in us. FYI: I am big sis, more of the serious one, with a sense of humor, yet very little jokes.


We are both here, with the same intentions, with different approaches. We know that there is a bigger picture out there and we all need each other to survive. You may ask us anything, share our site with others, give ideas, etc. Keeping in mind to be considerate of us and each other, we ask that you reframe from slander, vulgar speaking or any negative language or that which would not benefit the collective or freedom of speech.

***Although SiStar Love is the founder and main speaker, she will always consider and/or invite others to write and/or speak with her. Feel free to contact her and others via email: We may share your stories & testimonies, if you guys like. We will hold group discussions. We would love to share our continued travels, with you guys, so our YouTube channel is on its way.

We thank you all for your cooperation, love & respect. An abundance of Peace, Love & Light, to you and yours. And so it is!

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