We are an alternative caregiver group, whom do more than reach out to people physically, we are here emotionally as well. To have the ability to touch hearts all over the world, is our primary goal.

Below are a list of some of the services offered (All services are subject to being available through travel):

*Inspirational/motivational/ life coaching and/or counsoling

*Reflexology massage (head, hands, feet)

*Communication, being a listening ear, shoulder to cry on (for certain time lengths, so that we may be apply to help others as well)

*Light housekeeping, transportation (to & from docs, or store)

*Companionship (with certain restrictions)

*Energy work, meal plans, & dietary help

*Some clairvoyant,/tarot readings

*And a host of other alternate care services. (Ask us what you may need help on, if we don’t carry those services, we may be able to help you find what it is that you may seek)

“Never tear down ones character. We’re all under-construction.” ~Angel Taurus


SiStar Love, is a Georgia native. At home, she was the youngest of one older sister, with one older and one younger sister, outside of home. SiStar, did not have much unity growing up, but yearned for it, therefore gained heart and compassion for others. SiStar came from a barren mother, whom was told that she was not able to have children again, and is deem to have been a miracle child.

After battling with pneumonia, at birth SiStar gained a lot of strength, being labeled as “bionic baby”. As the years went by, SiStar was able to touch hearts, with her smile and touch, attempting to stay after school, to give massages, which she was very good at, even in elementary. Later, as an adult she received a degree in this field, then used it to offer to parents of the children she kept, and much later, decided to utilize it with her traveling caregiver position.

SiStar temporarily, stepped down from helping others, for a couple of year’s, in order to help heal herself (hibernate) from medical conditions. She had a great recovery, coming back better than ever, with more wisdom and knowledge of what God/Source has for her, to give to the worlds. For the past 2 years she has grown into her spiritual gifts as an early childhood educator, an awaken, an empathy, an intuitive, motivational/inspirational speaker, counselor, leader, and much more, as she stays open, daily, to what Source has for her & her life journey.

“Be loving, be kind, be genuine and so divine. No dramatics, just be Godastic!” ~SiStar Love

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