*** LoveDivineRegal (LDR), an alternative, natural care company*** Caregiving~ ~This service includes, but may not be limited to: Housekeeping, bathing, companionship, cooking, meal preps, exercise plans, holistic healing techniques ~Basic daily services – $15/hr & up (lite work, no transporting) ~Medium daily services – $25/hr & up (med. work, lite transporting) ***Email for details*** Housekeeping~…

Right vs. Wrong

Someone asked: “What is the point in saying what’s right and wrong, when wrong isn’t righted, and right is looked at as wrong? What’s your take/opinion on the matter? Or is it a bit too deep? 🤔

What we are about:

Our mission is to reach others, to give a, mental, spiritual, physical, hand in life. To help heal, in multiple ways, that are beneficial to all from youth to the elderly. We believe that if we all stay open, no matter what race, age group, religion, culture that your in, we can all receive what…

First blog:

April 10th, 2020 Speakers: Angel Taurus & SiStar Love Great Rising Queens, Kings, Lovers, Tree Huggers, ALL! We would like to give a HUGE WELCOME to all, to our new site. We are here to help, teach, listen, guide and do all that we can to uplift, motivate & inspire you. We are two (2)…

Second blog:

Great Rising everyone! The past year has been an interesting one, thus far. We would love to hear your victories and testimonies. Anything that would help others know that they are not alone, or anything inspiring, are appreciated. We would like to have positive conversations, without opinions on politics/government and drama.

Thanks. Peace Love & Light 🙏🏽💞🕯 Namaste

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