*Weekly-monthly sayings, inspiring quotes, and/or motivational speeches….

*God, Source, Source Energy (whomever you tend to name) sets His creations up with the perfect tools. Turn your desire over to Spirit & the Universe and it will do the hard work for you.

*In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous –Aristotle

*There’s a blessing in every lesson, so sweep around your own back & front door, minding your business and being careful of your judgmental mind state, excessive critical point of view. ~SiStar Love

*We think with our eyes, which makes it easier to be misled. Put your eyes back in your head. ~SiStar Love

*Dysfunctional, is the new functional, when you do not smell your own poo, before diagnosing someone else’s, keep YOUR nose clean.

*Don’t try to “good” others behavior, off of what makes YOU feel good. ~SiStar Love

*Everyone has a source energy, in them, that is guiding them. Heed the call and move towards it. Stop looking at others and stop allowing others judgments guide you. ~SiStar Love

*That is none of your business! How do you know what someone else is being lead to do, outside of what is just for you? ~SiStar Love

*God’s Patience is Limitless. ~ Priscilla Shirer

*Other’s thoughts of you, are none of your business. Tell them to keep it in the closet. Who knows….. their skeletons may need the company. ~ Mr. Lester & SiStar Love

*When pushing others negativity or b.s., away, be careful not to pick it up. Make sure your bank is closed and that they take their deposit(s) with them. ~SiStar Love

* Law of Attraction vs. Law of Resistance – Living a life, believing that hard work is all for YOU to do, you resist what Source set up for you, therefore allowing yourself to only work hard. Free your mind and the rest shall follow. ~SiStar Love & Envogue

*What you ask for has already been given. Now you have the choice of letting it in, or not, by not creating resistance. Again, free your mind and the rest shall follow. ~SiStar Love

*Let the energy move you. Let the vibration move you. Let the rhythm of none physical move you and inspire you. ~Abraham Hicks

*Talking to the plants, is a direct way of connecting to Source energy. ~

*Be of good cheer, leaving all cares & worries behind. Greater things come, when you think of love & joy, as you let go.

*Stop compromising and lowering your standards for love, second guessing your intuition, when the still small voice is speaking.

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