***Various meditations, for cleansing, healing, enlightenment, & much more!***

One of my 1st. Enjoy!…….

The practice of Kundalini meditation

This type of practice combines meditation with energy precisely to help to clean from all those negative emotions that affect people so much.

A complete muscle and mind relaxation is achieved through it, that is, the body receives energy and in turn it corrects its positions. It helps to awaken sensuality and increases magnetism.

One of the most common practices to achieve Kundalini meditation is yoga.

Sit down in an space (preferably outdoors) in sukhasana (easy pose, is a simple cross-legged sitting) position, with your spine straight. Put your palms together in mudra way to pray, and press your fingers on the center of your breastbone. In silence repeat: “I greet the creative wisdom of Divine origin and that connects me to the golden master chain, the masters, and my inner guru.”

Meditate between 3 and 11 minutes. In this way you will manage to eliminate obstacles, you will see more clearly, you will be able to vibrate with your thoughts and actions; in short, you will feel very good with this meditation.

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