***Various recipes or nutrition advice***

*Get into the right habits, with your eating patterns.

Fun facts:

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• Once you arise, from sleeping, drink room temperature to warm drinks (water or tea), in order to flush out nightly gases.

Example menu: Take a cup of water, put a piece(s) of fruit in it (preferably watermelon, mango, or a berry, for alkaline), and boil the water. Sip on it, like tea. (Fresh fruit, with water, is healthier than, store bought fruit juice.). Or drink hot/warm tea, with honey. Taking these steps, before your first meal, will help to relieve you of any nightly gases.

Breakfast: In order to get the vitamins and energy, that is needed, to start the day, breakfast should consist of; fruits, grains, oats, dates, and or granola.

Example meals/menu:
Lite: Blend oats and fruit (without ice). Enjoy! Or boiled egg and toast.
Moderate: Boil water, for couscous or grits, add ackee & seasonings, to water. After boil, add couscous and set to the side for 5 mins. Enjoy

Lunch: During this time of day most are up & moving around. This is the time to have your biggest meal, without the guilt of laying down and/or gaining a lot of weight.

Example meals:

Lite: Hearty soup (Preferably homemade) and/or Salad (any type) with all the fixings (meats, poultry, toppings). Or if your new to this: a slice of pizza or wings (10 or less).

Moderate to heavy: Thanksgiving meal, spaghetti (or other pasta dishes), oxtails (or other meats, like steak). All served with roll, cornbread, or other bread.

•Dinner: Contrary to popular belief, this should not be considered as the time to have your heaviest meal. Why? We aren’t moving around as much, which will make food sit on the stomach, which can causes bloating, upset stomach, and weight gain. This meal should always include green vegetables or other veggies/legumes that help breakdown your food. Also, some may eat just before going to bed, therefore eating a healthier variety choice with mostly veggies will help digestion while asleep.

Example meals:

Soup or salads plain, or with grilled seafood, poultry, or meat, one piece of bread (optional). Any type of leafy green vegetable (kale is one of the most potent green veg), with legumes (beans), and sautéed fish (for the omega oils, which helps digestion).

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